African American Families Book, Dr. Trenette Clark Goings, PhD

African American Families

African American Families Book

African American Families

African American Families: Research, Theory, and Practice illuminates the historical and contemporary experiences of African American families in the United States and demonstrates how they have survived and excelled in a nation not established for them.

This comprehensive book presents a multifaceted and unique perspective on the African American family. Readers learn about practices, adjustments, well-being, and diversity within African American families. Chapters include African American families in urban spaces, parenting African American children and adolescents, religion and spirituality in African American families, African American family influences on child development and health, and African American fathers, among other topics.

African American Families is an ideal textbook for courses in African American studies, cultural and ethnic studies, sociology, psychology, social work, education, and practitioners or researchers.

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Book Endorsements

“A masterfully detailed chronicle of the enduring impact of historic and contemporary factors on the development of the African American Family. A thorough, comprehensive, and resourceful volume that dis-spells misconceptions about the Black Family. An excellent inclusion of African-centered perspectives and issues that contribute to the health and strength of the Black Family. User friendly text for undergraduate and graduate courses in Psychology, Sociology, and Africana Studies.”

Dr. Saundra Collins, Professor of Psychology, Montclair State University 

“African American Families offers a thorough investigation of structure, identities, social problems, and unique socialization processes that may impact the development of black families. The text addresses power structures shaped during slavery, movements, and institutional policies, inherited values, and opportunity structure. Research, theory, and practice are approached using race-appropriate terminology and centered cultural narratives of resilience. The authors present a perfect blend of history, sociology, and psychology and apply micro, mezzo, and macro-level theoretical analyses and methodologies in a way that is precedented for the study of African American families. The social-psychological and socio-cultural implications introduced about parenting are key for exploring the treatment of young black children in society. Further, several spatial contexts, including urban, city, and metro locations, are detailed in critical ways for surveying racial identity. Finally, those presented in the text allow readers to understand various distinctions between social and cognitive development of African American family members.”

Dr. Chiquita Howard-Bostic, Associate Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity; Chair of the Department of Sociology, Criminology, and Criminal Justice; Associate Professor of Sociology

“During a time when American society finally recognizes that ‘Black Lives Matter,’ African American Families: Research, Theory, and Practice, provides insight on the role that Black families play in shaping Black lives. Belgrave, Clark Goings, and Jones offer a clear historical and empirically-driven perspective of African American families, their experiences, and resilience in the face of adversity. Highlighted is the heterogeneity of African American families and the cultural, societal, and contextual factors shaping them. The book uses a strength-based view to emphasize how African American families often ‘make a way out of no way to survive and thrive. With its learning objectives, ‘Did you Know?’ features, and discussion questions in each chapter, the book is ideal for anyone interested in learning more about African American families and their contributions to society in general and Black lives in particular. African American Families: Research, Theory, and Practice concretizes the importance of African Americans, and through a comprehensive review, confirms that ‘African American families matter.'”

Jocelyn Turner-Musa, Ph.D., Professor and Chairperson, Morgan State University, Department of Psychology

African American Families: Research, Theory, and Practice
African American Families Book