Dr. Trenette testimonials

“Dr. T is AWESOME! She changed my viewpoint on research in a positive way. She was tough but fair, and it was very evident that she wanted to see her students succeed. She pushed me in ways that I needed to succeed. I have learned so much from Dr. T and looked forward to her class every week!”

“Dr. T is an awesome professor. She is patient, thorough with her instructions, and she challenges you with just enough intensity that won’t break you. I wasn’t the most prepared on most days, but I didn’t feel non–proficient because of how Dr. T taught the information or Dr. T’s schedule in how she leads and directs the class and keeps within her timing. She is very knowledgeable about this course, like she doesn’t need a book or PowerPoint to teach. She accepts challenges from my colleagues well and always has a response. Her level of confidence inspires me. Dr. T– YOU ARE THE BOMB!”

“She is a highly skilled teacher and knows how to break down complicated subjects in ways that are easily understood. I appreciate that so much. Her lectures were amazing and brought clarity to every research topic. She was available if students needed help, and her suggestions were extremely beneficial. I liked when she shared her research with us.”

“Dr. T was extremely knowledgeable about all course content and incorporated teaching methods that facilitated helpful engagement for my learning. As a result, I am leaving this class with a newfound appreciation and affinity for program evaluation and research to ensure evidence-based practice in social work settings. Again, I am very grateful for Dr. T and her ability to teach these concepts in such thorough and engaging ways.”